When Rest Isn’t Enough - 3 Signs You Need Outside Help

When Rest Isn’t Enough - 3 Signs You Need Outside Help

Back at school? Too tired? Rest. Brain fog? Rest. Overwhelmed? Rest. Haven’t had a day off in two weeks? Rest.

There are many draining activities that simply resting can mitigate. Resting covers a multitude of draining experiences, but as teachers, sometimes rest and relaxation are just the beginning of what you need.

So...what happens when rest isn’t enough? You may need outside help. Here are three signs you may need extra support when rest isn’t enough.  

  1. When you’re tired and you don’t know why
  2. When you can’t take the steps even though you know you should
  3. When your efforts to restore your peace aren’t working

There are times when things are too far gone or too big to manage with a nap and a weekend getaway. Some forms of weariness might need outside, professional help. Thankfully, there are people who can get you back on track even when things feel really, really out of control.

When you’re tired and don’t know why

Being tired might feel like a permanent state of being. It shouldn’t. If you feel physically or emotionally tired and you don’t know why it could be time to get some help. First off, ruling out a medical issue is very important. Some illnesses can present themselves as being tired, weak, and sleepy. It’s important to get a physical to see if you might have a medical reason for your fatigue. 

When you can’t take the steps even though you know you should

Knowing what to do is half the battle. The other half is taking the steps to do what needs to be done to find peace, strength, and health. If you know what you need to do but resist taking the steps, you may need some help. Whether you can’t take steps due to an addiction or find yourself unwilling or unable to change, there are professionals who can help you sort things out and begin to take steps in the right direction.

When your efforts to restore your peace aren’t working

Maya Angelou famously said all we are required to do is what we know. When we know better, we should do better. You may be taking steps to find your peace and rest, but things aren’t getting better. That can happen. Sometimes we think we know… but, we need to know more. A professional can help us see where we are stuck and help analyze why things aren’t working and come up with a plan to get things going in the right direction. 

Seeing someone when you’re stuck is a mature and important thing to do. Sometimes things are just too much. Getting outside help can make it easier and faster than trying to muddle through on your own.

You don't have to do things alone. A question that comes to my mind, "How do I know what I think until I hear what I have to say?" means that it helps to talk things out...sometimes we need someone to bounce ideas off of or ask us questions, and then there are other times that we just need someone to listen...that someone may not be a colleague...someone removed from the situation will have a different perspective and no emotional attachment. 

In Teacher to Teacher, my online coaching program, I am an accountability partner for our members. I do a lot of brainstorming, asking questions, and listening. Our goal is to empower teachers to become master teachers, find work-life balance, and LOVE their careers.

When rest doesn't feel like enough, it's time for outside help...get a health check-up, meet with a counselor, or get a coach or mentor to help motivate you to take the next steps to get back on track energized and .

To learn more about the 3 Pillars of Teacher to Teacher, check out our website at www.teachertoteacher.net  

 You can stay at the top of your game...with rest, balance, and purpose!

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